Tired of feeling controlled by chaos?

Do you wish you had more stable relationships? Better control over your actions and reactions? If you are tired of hurting, or feeling like you hurt the people you love, it is my job to help you find a more satisfying way of living.

I have been trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which was the first psychotherapy shown to be effective in treating overwhelming emotions in controlled clinical trials – the most rigorous type of clinical research. DBT was developed initially to treat adults with borderline personality disorder; however, it is now being used effectively with other mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

You can have the connections with others that you want and need. I’m here to help you. The sooner you start working on things, the sooner you will be living a healthier and happier life. I hope you will give me a call or send me an email so you can start living the life you deserve.

- Katherine